Psychiatric Drugs Create Violence, Including School Shootings (video)


Extreme Expansion of Mental Health Screening and Drugging of Foster Children, Pregnant Women & the US Military (links & video)

TeenScreen & the Signs of Suicide (SOS) Program –
Child Drugging Scams

National bait-and-switch child mental health screening scam with the purpose of labeling and drugging more and more US children.  They may call it help or suicide prevention, but it’s all about the money and targeting more children. Please find out more and take action.


The Creation of Pediatric Bipolar: Putting Infants, Toddlers & Other Children on Several Psychiatric Drugs at a Time (links)
Why are so many children standardly drugged with several dangerous psychiatric drugs at a time? See the research here:
Child Bipolar Timeline – A Crime Against Humanity.

Also, see the Statistics of Child Psychiatric Drugging

Psychiatric Drug Side Effects Search Engines & Research Blog (links)
These databases will allow you to search for and find data about most any psychiatric drug or side effect. If you know of anyone on a psychiatric drug, this is where you can get them valuable information they were unlikely told about by their prescriber.

CCHR International Database and RxLIST database.

Major Psychiatric Drug Side Effect Studies by category — Research Blog

US Supreme Court Bans Psych Testimony in Insanity Defense Cases! (links)
US Supreme Court Bans Psych Testimony in Insanity Defense Cases (article) 

The US Supreme Court has decided that psychiatric and psychological testimony is simply confusing for jurors and that the mental health profession has no more ability in determining criminal intent than the average person on the street.

Read the Legal Decision

Electroconvulsive Therapy -- also known as Electroshock (video)

Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT), also known as electroshock, always causes permanent brain damage. About 1/2 of the ECT done is to the elderly, as Medicare pays more easily than insurance and they are often too frail to fight back. Children are also being electroshocked.

Fraudulent Psychiatric Diagnosing and Drug Marketing (video)

Psychiatry looks at behavior, then fraudulently calls the behavior a medical disease while they have no medical, lab, blood, or urine tests, brains scans, etc. to determine the cause of the behaviors. Drug studies have never been proven to handle a brain chemical imbalance and nobody even knows what a proper chemical balance would be. Please view this important full-length documentary of psychiatrists and medical experts exposing this often-promoted fraud.


Revealing short video by CCHR International Co-Founder, psychiatrist Thomas Szasz


How do Drug Companies Create Phony Drug Trials to get FDA Approval for their dangerous and unworkable drugs? (video)


See Exactly How Psychiatry & Big Pharma Illegally Market their Drugs (infographic & link)
Also of interest is how prosecutors can use this information.


The chart in the article shows how Big Pharma money goes to the American Psychiatric Association, psychiatrists, universities, hospitals, legislators, judges, front groups, government agencies and much more — and how this data is needed for investigations and prosecutions.

Link to article

Kid Drug Marketing Chart PDF

Safe Alternatives to Psychiatry (video)
Obviously, people do have mental health situations that need to be addressed. Although psychiatry and their multi-billion dollar drugging and electroshock business doesn’t want you to know, we have attached some alternatives that you may be interested in if you or a loved one are in need.


Psychiatry, Genetics and the Holocaust (video)
Please view this eye-opening video as most people are not aware of how psychiatry’s genetics and eugenics theories were majorly responsible for the Holocaust, nor are they aware of how German psychiatrists euthanized the majority of their nation’s mental patients to start their deadly assault. This data is vital to know as without it history keeps repeating itself in places like South Africa (Apartheid) and Yugoslavia.


Psychiatric Drugs cause Addiction / Dependence (video)
Psychiatrists twist the truth by saying that most of their drugs aren’t addictive. See how these drugs create a tremendous amount of dependence making them nearly impossible to get off.


Psychiatric Drug Rehab Fraud with Suboxone & Methadone Increases Addiction (article)
See the facts in this article on how these are really just opiates that are heavily sold as street drugs and how they keep people addicted and often lead to death.


Read Article

Report Psychiatric Abuse

Psychiatric abuse is a crime. Report it to Citizens Commission on Human New England. Please give full details as to when the abuse occurred, who did it, what was done, and how the person was before and after the incident(s). Documents of the abuse are also useful. It is also important for whistleblowers to speak up. Citizens Commission on Human Rights, 607 Boylston St., PMB 213, Lower Level, Boston, MA 02116