Boston Broadside

by Kevin Hall
Citizens Commission on Human Rights, New England Director

While many readers of this newspaper are concerned about how forcing children to be masked at schools causes a fear similar to when kids were forced to drill hiding under their desks in order to “protect themselves” in case of nuclear war, the harm from the masking of their personalities and free thought with behaviorism and drugs should be more worrisome.

While we currently have nine million U.S. school children being prescribed mind-altering psychiatric drugs while being labeled with an alphabet-soup of subjective mental health/learning disorders and an ever-expanding special education class enrollment, many of us have also witnessed students graduating with a socialist-leaning political fervor.


Although I’m going to briefly touch upon the harm from labels and drugs, my main focus on this article is the mind manipulation of our children. The drugging often starts with behavioral screening of children. Teachers are taught to be pop psychologists so when their poor teaching methods are causing students to become illiterate and therefore more likely to be upset and desiring to quit their studies, they refer them to the school counselor or psychologist, which starts the downhill process. Outside of schools, the screening process often starts at your child’s medical exam.


There’s a huge public relations campaign saying that you shouldn’t stigmatize someone labeled with a mental disorder, yet there’s nothing more stigmatizing to a child than a subjective label diagnosed off a checklist of behaviors claiming that he or she is incapable of learning or behaving.

Regarding the drugs prescribed, they are mostly powerful amphetamines and tranquilizers that mask the normal behavior of children and are very destructive to the brains, cardiovascular systems, several other body organs and the personalities of the children.

As a follow up in next month’s Boston Broadside, I will go into more detail about the extreme harm caused by child psychiatric drugging, the pseudo-scientific child mental disorder labels, pressure put on parents to let their children be harmed in this manner and ways that parents can fight back and protect their children from drugging, labels and poor education.


Mind manipulation and indoctrination is prevalent in public schools and universities today but isn’t new.

The “science” of behaviorism was created in 1879 in Germany at Leipzig University by psychologist Wilhelm Wundt. Wundt changed the original meaning of psychology from being “study of the soul” to the concept that man had no soul and can be manipulated and controlled as a stimulus-response animal. Wundt’s students were numerous and spread behaviorism worldwide.

In Germany, the concept of man being an animal expanded to eugenics wherein these “animals” were different breeds by race, which led to getting rid of the “inferior” ones and that was indoctrinated into Nazi Youth in their public schools.

The laundry list of U.S. educational behavioral psychiatrists and psychologists who have lent their “expertise” in mind-manipulating children and dumbing down our once great educational system is much too long for this article but here’s a taste:

JOHN DEWEY: Psychologist, humanist and “Father of Education,” advocated that schools should take on the role of social, rather than academic, institutions.

G. STANLEY HALL: First president of the American Psychological Association, explained education for the masses was not necessary. “We must overcome the fetishism of the alphabet, of the multiplication tables, of grammar,” he said. “It would be no serious loss if a child never learned to read.”

JAMES CATTELL: American Psychological Association president, theorized that “little is gained by teaching a child sounds and letters as the first step to being able to read.” His “whole word” reading method proved to be disastrous, crashing literacy rates everywhere it was used.

G. BROCK CHISHOLM: World Federation of Mental Health co-founder and psychiatrist, said, “If the race is to be freed from its crippling burden of good and evil, it must be psychiatrists who take the original responsibility.”


Per a 2017 Pew Research report on international scholastic rankings, U.S. students ranked 24th in reading and science and 39th in mathematics, while we used to be the most educated country on Earth. Our once-great school system is greatly inferior to other nations as our children have been mind-manipulated, dumbed down, and now drugged up for a long time.


Returning the U.S. to its #1 ranking is a simple, but not easily accomplished, two-step formula:

1. Return teaching and teacher training back to where it focused on academic basics like phonics, the regular use of dictionaries and math basics.

2. Get rid of the school behaviorists that have dumbed down and drugged up our children while manipulating their behavior and thought patterns. ♦