BELOW is the draft of an article just run in the December edition of the Boston Broadside’s Advocacy Section. If you want to stop shock and other “treatments” that the United Nations and others consider torture at the Judge Rotenberg Center in Canton, Massachusetts, you should let the court know that many, like you, disapprove of the court judges actions to keep the torture continuing. Just a quick call – easy.

December 2018
by Kevin Hall

For over three decades, Taunton’s Bristol County Probate and Family Court ,
grants Canton’s Judge Rotenberg Center the Power to Torture the Disabled. Now
is the time to use the new Boston Broadside Advocacy section to tell them to STOP.

Call the Court Register’s Office  (508) 977-6040
or write to :
Judge Susan Jacobs and/or First Justice Katherine A. Field and/or Gina L. DeRossi, Register
Taunton Family and Probate Court
40 Broadway, Suite 240,
Taunton, MA 02780

As another contact possibility, Massachusetts judicial email addresses are
first name.last name so you can try reaching these and other judges
in this manner.

The controversial Judge Rotenberg Center (JRC) in Canton, MA is the only facility in the nation that uses very powerful electric shocks as part of a treatment plan to change undesired behavior.

The United Nations has declared JRC’s shock as torture. Additionally, 231 organizations signed a petition to the FDA to ban JRC’s shock, nearly 300,000 people signed a petition to the FDA to ban their shock,  and in 2011 the Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services [DDS] passed a state regulation  to ban the shock and other torturous JRC actions like food deprivation,  ammonia sprays, white noise helmets and many more.  If you Google search “judge rotenberg torture” you will be amazed and outraged at the harm they cause our most vulnerable citizens.

The problem with stopping the shock and other tortures at JRC is that Taunton’s  Bristol County Family and Probate Court, in 1987, took the power from the state over JRC’s treatment plans of aversive [pain] therapy and regularly approves them despite being in violation of DDS regulations.  When the state tried to ban JRC [previously named Behavior Research Institute] from delivering extreme pain to self-abusive autistic people in the mid 1980s, Torture Court’s Judge Ernest Rotenberg  took power from the state and Torture Court judges have been quietly in the background approving all of JRC’s painful “treatment” plans ever since. Around the early 90s, JRC upped the torture by attaining FDA-approval for a couple of shock devices. Without FDA-approval, JRC has since greatly increased the shock device power. JRC also powerfully shocks the juvenile delinquent population. When the state recently tried to take regulatory power back over JRC, “Torture Court” First Justice Katherine Field decided to throw out the case to maintain power over the state. At last check, Judge Susan Jacobs is the Torture Court judge approving their painful treatment plans. Take action now so that these judges know they are being looked at for contributing to this abuse.

[Information in this advocacy section was put together by Kevin Hall, New England Director of
Citizens Commission on Human Rights]