World Mental Health Day of Psychiatric Drug Marketing and Brain Zapping

In 1992, the World Federation of Mental Health (WFMH) declared October 10th as “World Mental Health Day” and has used this over the past 24 years to falsely promote how more and more people are insane, why more money is needed for psychiatry and why more people should see psychiatrists for their treatment which generally results in dangerous psychiatric drugs and brain-damaging electric shock.

The result of this and other large mental health promotional campaigns includes 20% of US citizens being prescribed psychiatric drugs, including over 9 million US school children and about 20 million children internationally. Electric shock, once disgraced, is now on the rise while being more dangerous than ever as their newer “ultra-brief” shock machines use the same power with up to 460 volts but with more force as the higher number of shocks per time means more power to reach the same flow of electricity as measured in the voltage.

This year WFMH is pushing that more people deliver mental health first aide which obviously leads to more people in the mental health system while in recent years they have promoted various mental disorders and an “anti-stigma” campaign designed to make having a mental illness more acceptable which is back-door marketing to get more people into their money-making system.

It should be no surprise that WFMH would be promoting itself and mental health in general so heavily after the continuous US Department of Justice settlements against major psychiatric drug manufacturers and how the US Government is investigating the Food and Drug Administration for their role in trying to declassify dangerous electric shock and newer brain-shock devices that psychiatry wants to greatly push onto the market without normal FDA testing protocols.

Another reason that WFMH would feel the need to promote themselves is because psychiatry is the only medical field that is being heavily protested by many varying groups. Below is a small sampling of the many website and blogs created to expose the harm and fraud of psychiatry. This short list ranges from former patients, religious-based groups, doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists and natural health. Please review the links to inform yourselves, families and neighbors of the harm that can occur once schools, doctors and others start after you with a simple mental health screening test that has been designed to get you into the system:

Subscribe and (often expose psychiatric drugs)


https://childbipolartimeline.w… (a good percentage of it)


and many more…