BY Kevin Hall

July 19, 2017

BOSTON – A 185 foot exhibit of panels and video stations was at 899 Boylston Street in Boston from Tuesday to Thursday this week to show hundreds of years of abuse and false marketing in psychiatry that has led us down the horrifying path wherein 20% of the US population is currently being prescribed dangerous and mind-altering psychotropic drugs.

After a short introductory video, the panels ran through time with some of its panels covering subjects as follows:

1. debunked “miracle cures” of the day which were really tortures ranging from blood-letting to the removal of body parts, hanging devices and more;

2. the beginnings of behaviorism wherein German psychologist Wilhelm Wundt declared that all men were simply stimulus-response animals that could be manipulated;

3. the eugenics movement started by English psychologist Herbert Spencer in 1870 and how this led to the Holocaust wherein German psychiatrist Ernst Rudin declared that personality traits were carried down by family and race and then he created the German sterilization law of 1933 so that the Nazis could target the races they didn’t want;

4. Russian psycho-politics wherein political dissidents were shipped of to be tortured in mental institutions for decades;

5. the beginnings of the lobotomy and electric shock era in the 1930s and how today’s shock is more powerful and on the increase while many new dangerous forms of psychosurgery are being developed;

6. the replacement of lobotomy in the early 50s with the antipsychotic Thorazine and how it was first marketed as “chemical lobotomy” since this major tranquilizer also makes people sit and drool as if lobotomized;

7. the current scene of children being turned violent with antidepressants and how mental disorders have been fraudulently marketed to target children with drugs – often through mental health screening questionnaires;

8. who caused these harmful programs to occur and why.

All these videos can be seen at .

According to author Christopher Garrison who spoke at the exhibit’s grand opening event, “It is important that we show this exhibit in Boston as that is where Mass. General Hospital psychiatrist Joseph Biederman and his cohorts grabbed millions from pharmaceutical companies in order to create the diagnosis of pediatric bipolar disorder [while many people would simply call this the terrible twos] and the current psychiatric standard of drugging young children with powerful antipsychotic drugs along with cocktails of other psychiatric drugs to allegedly “treat” other coinciding mental disorders at the same time.” Much more data on this situation can be seen at https://childbipolartimeline.w… .