Back Bay Patch Newspaper
By Kevin Hall (Open Post) – March 7, 2016

Leaders in Child Psychiatry Protested for Crimes Against Humanity

“Biedy Babies” Stroll into Psychopharmacology Conference in opposition to the Psychiatric Drugging of Infants, Toddlers and other Children

Back Bay, MA

BOSTON: Members of Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) New England strolled baby dolls with large psychiatric drug bottles and small protest signs into the reception of a conference at the Westin Copley Place entitled, “Child and Adolescent Psychopharmacology 2016” to protest the massive psychiatric drugging of infants, toddlers and other children, including powerful drug cocktails that are routinely prescribed.

The baby dolls were referred to as “Biedy Babies” in reference to psychiatrist Joseph Biederman who self-proclaimed himself in a court deposition as the highest authority in child psychiatry next to God.

The conference that is going on from March 4-6, is being led by several controversial Massachusetts General Hospital child psychiatrists such Biederman, Janet Wozniak, Timothy Wilens and Thomas Spencer who were all leaders in the creation and promotion of pediatric bipolar disorder and its treatment guidelines. These guidelines, that were developed with very questionable research and pharmaceutical funding flying around to many of the child psychiatrists creating them, recommend to other doctors and psychiatrists that they should find additional mental disorders that go along with pediatric bipolar (co-morbidity) and drug all these other mental disorders at the same time. This helped to cause an increase in psychotropic drug cocktails and the numbers of children on psychiatry’s most powerful drugs – antipsychotics.

Below is the most current and accurate information on child psychiatric drugging by age and drug category currently available, along with a few of their overwhelming number of side effects:

U.S. Children on Psychiatric Drugs by Age and Category

All Psychiatric Drugs
0-1 Years 274,804
2-3 Years 370,778
4-5 Years 500,948
Total 0-17 Years 8,389,034 kids

ADHD Drugs

0-1 Years 1,422
2-3 Years 10,413
4-5 Years 181,023
4,404,360 kids

0-1 Years 26,406
2-3 Years 46,102
4-5 Years 45,822
0-17 Years 2,165,279 kids

0-1 Years 654
2-3 Years 3,760
4-5 Years 24,363
0-17 Years 830,836 kids

0-1 Years 227,132
2-3 Years 282,759
4-5 Years 247,754
0-17 Years 2,132,625 kids

Psychiatric Drug Side Effects Include:
Suicide, Hostility, Violence, Psychosis, Brain Shrinkage, Heart damage, Liver damage, Decreased Life Span, Kidney Damage, Body Shrinkage, Addiction, Dependency and much, much more:

Considering the statistics and massive harm to a population that cannot fight back-children, it is easy to see why many consider the massive psychiatric drugging of infants, toddlers and other children to be a crime against humanity:

Crime Against Humanity (Oxford dictionary – A deliberate act, typically as part of a systematic campaign, that causes human suffering or death on a large scale)
(Wikipedia Definition – Crimes against humanity are certain acts which are committed as part of a widespread or systematic attack directed against any civilian population or an identifiable part of a population. The first prosecution for crimes against humanity took place at the Nuremberg Trials.)

Although CCHR New England would like to see more criminal prosecution regarding the questionable research and illegal marketing practices that furthered the increase in child psychiatric drugging, their ultimate goal is that more people wake up and stand up against this crime against humanity that is devastating young lives, sometimes even before they can get out of the crib.