CBS Evening News [click for graphic video]
– May 25, 2009 – Risperdal

Graphic CBS Video Covering Law Suit Against Johnson & Johnson for their Antipsychotic Risperdal Creating Lactating Breasts in Male Children

“Caution: Graphic Content:” For children “diagnosed” with ADD and bi-polar disorder, Risperdal is used for “treatment”. The side effects are putting them at serious risk.


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  • Lisa Jones RN
    May 26, 2009 at 7:30 pm

    I cried the first time I had to give my son Risperdal. I am now homeschooling and have him OFF the medication. He is doing well….now.

    It is the pubic school system that pushes this !! When will it ever stop?

  • It would never cross my mind to give a kid or anyone a substance to “solve” a behavioral problem.


    Look around you – look at the ever-growing population of insane people and compare that to the ever-growing, billion-dollar drug sales business in the United States.

    People need to come to their senses and stop buying into this practice, this money-making racket, and justice needs to be brought once and for all to everyone involved in these CRIMINAL activities.