Kristin Carlson

Montpelier, Vermont

Some people are calling for the state to better monitor what kinds of medications are given to Vermont kids.
The Lieutenant Governor, Senate President, and mental health advocates, say too often drugs are prescribed when there are other options like therapy. They want the state to come up with a process track the issue.

“We want to make sure we are using the right medications but we also want to make sure that we ask the question are we using medications as a replacement for therapy and if we are we are going to change that environment,” said Ken Libertoff of the Vt. Association for Mental Health.

“The reason I am here today is I am going to pledge to be a part of this discovery process to ensure that these questions are addressed before the next legislative session,” said Lt. Gov. Brian Dubie, R-Vermont.

In response, the Department of Mental Health has set up a group to review medication use. It will meet within the next few weeks. There is no time frame yet for when they will make any recommendations.