Boston NOW

James O’Brien

The Judge Rotenberg Educational Center, embroiled in controversy over its use of shock therapy, is cooperating with detectives investigating allegations of rape at its Norton facility.

Officials at the Canton-based school for children with autism and other mental and emotional conditions could not be reached for comment yesterday.

Norton Police responded to an alleged March 30 incident, two days later arresting staff member Elliston Livingstone, 24, of Providence, R.I.

Livingstone was arraigned April 2 on charges of rape and indecent assault and battery against another staff member.

The Department of Social Services determined in February that a 16-year-old Rotenberg special needs student was abused when he suffered first-degree burns from shock treatment at the center’s Stoughton group home.

In a separate incident, a hoax phone call to Rotenberg in August 2007 resulted in a 19-year-old resident receiving 77 shocks, later determined wrongful.